Relationship Lockdown

This whole pandemic and the multiple lock downs have been an absolute nightmare for everyone. The pandemic has ruined jobs lives and totally messed with our mental well being. Families have been torn apart quite ironically as they were forced to spend more time together. There are some positive stories, many of the ladies at london escorts have told me that they have enjoyed being at home with their family and that the lock down had brought them together. Many of the enviable outcall London escorts have reported that they have been having the best sex of their lives during lockdown.  

Unfortunately for me, my story is the total opposite. My partner and I have been together for 10 years and for the most part we have had a pretty steady and loving relationship. He worked at a school as a science teacher and Was open to the fact that I was an escort and london escorts. Things were good between us or so I thought. We had many things in common, we liked bike rides and going to the gym. We liked going to the cinema and watching action and marvel movies. We were both partial to a beer and steak and we both loved hot bubble baths.  However during the pandemic and the lock downs things just started to change. Work at london escorts wasn’t busy and with the school closures we spent a lot of time together at home. In the beginning it was ok but after a while my partner started to get agitated and snappy over the smallest things. And as the weeks went by he became slobbish and very untidy which would drive me crazy. I literally spent nights praying that work would pick up at london escorts just so I wouldn’t have to be face with his untidiness and rudeness.  

I reached out to my friends at london escorts and they tried to help but with lock down there was very little that they could do. When I finally plucked up the courage to address his change in behaviour things just escalated. We argued for hours and in the end we decided to break up and he would go and stay with his parents. I was so upset and confided in my friends at london escorts. He moved out the next day and never even called me after to talk. Work at london escorts started to pick up which helped me to forget to the breakup. It still bothers me that after 10 years he was willing to leave so quickly after committing to me for 10 years.  

The funniest thing is last week whilst on shift at london escorts one of the new escorts who I was working with got a booking. When she confirmed the address my ears pricked up, I immediately recognised it. It was my ex partners parents address. Although shocked I laughed a little, it didn’t really bother me as I am over him now. I just told the escort a few tricks that I know he really doesn’t like. That will teach him to call my london escorts to hire a lady for the night.