Why Bill Gates Serves As An Inspiration

Bill Gates is easily one of the wealthiest homo sapiens walking on planet Earth. As it did? This short article gives you the five secrets of wealth that made Bill very rich and prosperous; and that you can adopt, adapt or modify to get productive and successful too. Please, keep reading! Here are points Why Bill Gates Serves As An Inspiration.


Starting early

Born in 1955, Bill’s first contact with the computer dates from 1968, at the tender age of 13. Very young, he is interested in software and programming, and he uses his school’s computer to practice because computers are still very expensive. His interest and enthusiasm for programming were rare. It was exciting


Passion and commitment


Bill was passionate about software and programming. As a student at Lakeside Prep School, he spent his days and nights designing and writing computer programs. As a result, a high price was taken on their academic performance since the classes were omitted and the task was set aside. At Computer Center Corporation, Bill and his friends repeatedly blocked the system and even sabotaged the security system, all in their passionate search for new computer skills. But when they pirated and modified the algorithm that recorded the time of use of the computer, they were quickly banned for several weeks!


Be your boss


Bill Gates began his university studies at Harvard in 1973, but had to resign in 1975 to deal with business: with his friend Paul Allen, he installed Microsoft Corporation in 1975. He left Harvard, not because of lack of capacity. Or capacity for higher education, but because his heart was not in his studies. Bill was so devoted to his dream that he refused to be distracted, even because of the appeal of formal education at the prestigious Harvard University!


Try and add a great value


While still in school, Bill and three of his colleagues formed a team called Lakeside Programmers, in which they agreed with Computer Center Corporation. The team examined computer programs to identify errors and other problems. For this, they had the right to unlimited use of the computer in the Center.


Then, Lakeside programmers were hired by Information Science Incorporated to create a payroll program. For this, they have once again benefited from a free use time as well as royalties in software sales. Under Microsoft Corporation, Bill gave the world the operating system software called WINDOWS. In conservative terms, WINDOWS works on more than sixty percent of all computers on planet Earth! Bill gave the world excellent products and services and was much rewarded.


Return to society


Through his published books, Bill continues to increase knowledge and bless the world by sharing his wisdom and ideas; through its products and services, it continues to add value to our lives; and through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he continues to give his money to bless and uplift humanity.




Bill Gates will be remembered not for what he took out of the world for himself, but for what he gave the world of himself. And be a beautiful source of inspiration for our young people. Read our next post on stress relieving techniques at work which Bill encouraged in the work place.